Remineralizing DD’s Teeth (Natural tooth powder)

My youngest daughter (DD3) has had mouth problems her entire life.  Throughout her 23 years, we have literally spent thousands trying to make her mouth and teeth work correctly.  More recently her teeth have become extremely sensitive to anything other than lukewarm food.  Sugar saturated foods make her teeth hurt, but no cavities can be found by our family dentist.

After researching alternatives for myself, I came across articles about natural tooth care.  I followed link upon link through both natural and dentists’ websites reading about commercially made toothpaste.  The main thing that stuck with me is that glycerin, which most store-bought toothpaste contain, puts a sticky coating on the teeth that prevents sugars from eating away at the enamel.  It also prevents the tooth from absorbing minerals it desperately needs.

I was a little leery of the recipes until I found websites by natural dentists, who recommend similar recipes, like this one: Recipes for natural tooth powders containing natural sea salts seemed to be the popular method for remineralizing enamel. Mentioning this to D3 caused her to say, “I want to try it.”  I showed her several recipes, and she picked one that appealed to her. We gathered her choice of materials:

Baking soda Kosher 100% natural sea salt  (technically it calls for Celtic sea salt but we use Kosher) Small glass jar with lid Peppermint essential oil We started with 3/4 cup of baking soda, 1 tablespoon of salt (which is less than it calls for) and 10 drops of peppermint oil in the jar, shake it really well to mix everything, then just dip your toothbrush in it to brush your teeth.

Since, this was only D3’s powder (for now) it was easier to do the “dip method” for testing.  The tooth powder lasted a lot longer than we thought – like weeks longer. We didn’t want to add too much salt to start with, because her gums were red.  I know dentists say to rinse with salt water to clean your mouth after oral surgery, but this was to be a daily thing for her. I didn’t want her to put off brushing, because it hurt too much.

After one week, much to her delight, she was eating food that was not lukewarm.  After a month, she tried ice cream and, while it was better, she was still a bit sensitive to it. Out of curiosity I tried it and discovered that I prefer it over my toothpaste.

For her next batch, we will up the salt and oil amount.  The oil evaporated faster than we expected, so it wasn’t “pepperminty” for long.

* Other oils such as Sage or Tea Tree Oil can be added to help heal gums and mouth sores.

* A few people recommended grinding the salt to a fine texture to lessen any chance of scratching the enamel.  Many say it’s not necessary.

* A few recipes called for natural clay or calcium to be added, but we decided to not try those – yet.

* Activated Charcoal can be added as a tooth whitener.

Another BIG necessary change to help her teeth is to change her diet.  She tends to skip meals, because her job doesn’t have anyway of keeping food cool or heating it up.  She can’t eat out, because she is allergic to soy and almost every fast food item has a form of soy in it. In addition, it sucks health-wise.  Though we are guilty of chancing it once in a while. As always your mileage may vary.



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