Diastasis Recti

A midwife friend post this on her Facebook:


I read it and was a bit surprised that I have a three finger gap, though I shouldn’t be.  Seven pregnancies, one mid-line emergency c-section and one oopherectomy really takes its toll on those who don’t keep up with their health.   Though mine happened mainly after DS2 (#5 of the living children).  I didn’t exercise like I normally do and started to eat a lot of processed/fast food.  On average, I have 9-10+ pound babies.

When I saw it was a blog belonging to a registered dietitian, I will admit I cringed a bit.  RDs usually advocate for skim/low fat products and processed artificial sweeteners.  All of which make me sick.  I was pleasantly surprised when I began going through her recipes.  She is a whole foods RD.  Even better, she has recipes that look like they will appeal to my picky 17 yo.    I sense some experimentation in my future.




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