Disturbing Trend

If you put a frog in a hot pot of water, it will jump out to save itself, because frogs are genetically wired to jump at sudden changes.

If you put a frog in a cool pot, then slowly turn the heat up, it will die before it even realizes what has happened.  Or, it if does realize it, it can no longer jump out of the pot.

How many of you have heard that or a similar story before?

I don’t normally write political things, but I’ve noticed something and it bothers me.  Feel free to skip or think I’m crazy, but I tend to think on issues a lot before I research them.  I research for hours before I form an opinion or conclusion.  At least I try to.  Sometimes my mouth likes to jump ahead of my brain when speaking.

I woke up this morning to a small flurry of outrage on my personal Facebook page news-feed.    It seems several people either a) had their pro-second amendment page removed due to “violations”  or b) found themselves unable to post pro-second amendment statuses.  Considering today is the 3rd. I found this a bit disturbing.  If you don’t know why, then go look up what is happening today.

I remember on Veteran’s Day, while I didn’t have any trouble with my personal page, several group pages couldn’t post anything “pro-veteran” or “pro-military”.  They could post any other status they wanted, but no matter what they did those two subjects wouldn’t post.  The day after everything was fine.  It happened too many times to call it anything other than censorship.

Keeping in mind that Facebook is a private company, and as such can run it however they want, but this still concerns me.  Why?  Because lately it seems to be happening a lot.   It’s becoming a concerning trend.  And it doesn’t only happen on Facebook.  The media itself does it. Even more amazing is they do it to themselves.  Reports from other social websites are similar.

It reminds me of the scene in Good Morning, Vietnam when Robin William’s character goes to do the news and it’s completely censored.  An excellent example of this is the whole Benghazi mess.  If an Islamic news station hadn’t broken the story about the White House ignoring the embassy’s cry for help, I wonder if our country would’ve heard anything about it.

I’m amazed at how few people know about the Arizona bombing of the social security administration office that happened recently by an Iraqee refugee using a homemade IED.  Granted, it didn’t involve guns, so it wasn’t really reported on a national scale (Yes, that was sarcastic).  Thankfully, no one was injured.

People (aka the lookatmes) complain a lot about “hate speech” or “attitudes of hatred” on certain websites, FB, Twitter, etc.  They pitch fits, write emails, leave hate speech on the site (don’t you love the hypocrisy?), etc. The intelligent ones do the common sense thing: they acknowledge the right to free speech and never visit the page again.

Unfortunately, it’s the first group that is winning.  They seemingly want to live in a police state where everyone only agrees with their viewpoint and no one is allowed to express a differing opinion.   I can’t even count how many times I’ve been on a forum, and the same people come back repeatedly complaining about the forum subject matter.  One word of advice: Then leave!

This is why I call them “the lookatmes”.  They want the attention.  They want to have control. It doesn’t matter what side they are on.  Everyone must listen to them and listen to them now!  People on all sides of any issue do this.  It’s like the ability to use common sense and logical thinking is being lost and there are a bunch of robot sheeple trying to run the shepherds.

Lookatmes frequently use name calling, lack of logic or facts, quoting the latest phrases as truth, and – dear Lord – some even think all with a differing opinion from themselves should be locked away because they are “terrorists”.  I kid you not.

You can disagree with someone and do it in a respectful, logical manner.  Unfortunately, this skill seems to be lost on many.   It seems to be easier to slowly erode the freedom of speech or outright ban it.  What is even worse to me is so many people see nothing wrong with it.   This is a very dangerous practice to get into.    History has shown us that once it starts, it can become out of control quite easily.   Look at the past 50 years and really see what has happened to free speech.  It is seriously skewed towards government thinking.  I hesitate to type that because I know how it sounds, but there is no denying it.

My best friend and I agree only 50% of the time.  We will calmly debate issues of disagreement, then agree to disagree if we cannot find common ground.  You know, like adults are supposed to do.  What happened to this ability?  What happened to allowing people to have differing opinions and beliefs?

Having free speech is important.  Having differing opinions is what makes us individuals.  Take away that right and we begin to live in fear that what we say may get us into trouble.  Conversations come to a halt, because we already know everyone will only say the same things.  “Shutting up” one group only makes people target another until there is no one left to target.

I’m starting to feel like the frog in a cool pot of water, but I can feel it heating up.  This quote is a bit extreme for the topic, but it does seem to fit well.  You can substitute “silenced” for “came for”.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)


And if you don’t agree with me – hey, that’s okay.  🙂


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