Making Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

“I’m making grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch tomorrow.”

“Don’t you love making easy lunches?”

This was from someone  who knows our food issues.  Apparently she never really thinks about what it means.  I don’t blame her.  It’s not hers to deal with.

Most people grab a loaf of bread, slather it with margarine or butter, put store brand cheese or cheese product in-between the bread pieces and fry it up in a pan or griddle.  Tomato soup consists of opening a can, dumping it in a pot, adding water, mixing it up well and heating it.

Our version if we want grilled cheese and tomato soup at 11 am on Sunday:

Saturday – make a loaf of bread.  Yes, seriously.  My daughter and I cannot eat store-bought bread.  I have to make it from scratch.  Since it doesn’t have preservatives it is only made when we are going to use it.  Including rising time, this takes several hours.

Sunday – Starting at 10 am.  Begin making tomato soup from scratch.  Yes, again I am serious.  I have yet to find any soup that doesn’t contain a form of MSG or Soy.  I can only use specific heavy creams, which aren’t sold near me, so I have to use a light cream instead.   I’ve only found one that is even partly okay for me to use.

Our cheese is an Imported Irish brand that has to be sliced.  This is also another item that is bought when I’m going to use it, because it spoils and it’s expensive.

Our butter is an organic brand whose ingredients state: sweet cream.   Unsalted butter is not recommended for MSG sensitive people because of the added ingredients.  The butter I use for spreading is another imported Irish brand.  Stick butter is a local brand.

What takes most people under 30 minutes takes us two days.

Easy?  Not so much.


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