Updated MSG Page

I updated my MSG page.  I found a better MSG list and I discovered something tonight:

I can’t have rice flour.

I knew I had to wash rice about 5 times in order to eat it with minimal reaction, because rice is often coated with something containing MSG.  I never connected rice flour until tonight.  I made spaghetti using gluten-free rice noodles just to try something different.

Can we say big mistake?

My skin is crawling.  I don’t feel nauseous which is good.  That only happens when I’m pushing my threshold  but my head is starting to pound and the off-balance feeling is starting.

Sometimes I’m a bit surprised at myself when I don’t connect things like this.  It should’ve been obvious, since I knew I had trouble with rice.

Live and learn.  Now to find someone local who’d like a donation of rice noodles, since I have another box.


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