Oy, Stroganoff

My eldest daughter has a birthday in March.  She is begging me to make Beef Stroganoff for her dinner.

Problem #1:  While we are not “separate dishes” kosher we are biblically kosher. Stroganoff is definitely not kosher, so first I had to find a Kosher recipe.

Problem #2:  The recipe is not soy-free and has processed free glutamates (MSG).  It has to be adapted.

Problem #3:  I actually hate to cook.  Since I have to cook many things from scratch, I find this ironic.  Or maybe I just have a warped sense of humor.   Or maybe God does.

I do it because I love my children and letting them starve is illegal.  This is going to require a lot of cooking.  I have to make the beef broth,  the worchester sauce and possibly the noodles.

This recipe is not yet tested.  I plan on testing it this month, so I don’t have any surprises and can change whatever I need to tweak.


2 lbs thinly sliced London Broil or stew meat (easiest way is to cut it while partially frozen)
4 Tablespoons palm shortening
2 thinly sliced onions
1 lb sliced mushrooms
2 Tablespoons coconut or almond oil
4 tablespoons flour
1 1/2 cups homemade beef stock
1 1/2 cups coconut milk (Almond milk is an option, but I can’t find one without soy in it)
2 teaspoons organic mustard (Annie’s Yellow is safe and GMO free, but can also make it)
2 Tablespoons homemade worchester sauce
2 Tablespoons fresh thyme
2 Tablespoons fresh parsley
1 pound cooked non-enriched or homemade noodles.  Those not super-sensitive to MSG can use regular egg noodles from the store.


Heat large non-stick pan, add palm shortening and melt.  When hot, quickly sear meat on all sides for about a minute. Remove to a bowl.

Add coconut oil and melt. Sautee onions and mushrooms; add garlic and simmer until onions are golden. Whisk in flour, and simmer, stirring constantly.

Separately, blend together broth, Worcestershire, mustard, and almond milk.  Add liquid mixture to pan, including any meat juices, and simmer, without boiling, until sauce thickens; about 5 minutes.

Return meat to sauce and heat, without boiling, until meat is cooked through. Season to taste with salt and pepper; stir in thyme and parsley and spoon over hot noodles.


Yield: approximately 8 servings

If anyone who actually likes to cook can think of a better recipe or suggestions for improvement, please post it in the comments or email it to me.  🙂


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