Good For Him!

If I lived near this place, I would visit it in a heartbeat.


Waiter Refuses to Serve Family Who Insults Downs Syndrome Child


That family’s attitude got to me, because I had a test when pregnant with DD3.  It said she had Down’s Syndrome.  I immediately began researching everything I could, so I would be as prepared as possible when she arrived.  In the end, it turns out the doctor didn’t listen to me when I said I knew my due date.  He went by what he “knew” I was at.  I measure big because I have big babies.  He assumed I was wrong and was actually two weeks farther along than I really was.  I gave him an earful about listening to his patients and not thinking he was God.

Two weeks later, he wanted to repeat the test.  I asked what the purpose was.  He said, “In case you want to terminate the pregnancy.”   Eh – no.  Not happening.  Ever.  Never again did I do that test.  I would accept whatever child came my way and in what ever manner they arrived in.

I know several people with DS, both adults and children.  The training and day care facility is down the street from me.  When I worked as a Walmart cashier, I was known as the cashier who didn’t mind if the weekly shopping group of adults, along with their caregivers, came through my line.

That people still think they should be in a “special place” surprises me.



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