Lights and DH

Our house is electric.   Like the whole house.  Including heat.  The only thing not electric is the K-1 basement heater.  I saved for a year and bought a propane cook top stove, so I could cook during power outages.   My next goal, if I can’t move, is a wood stove.

In order to save a bit on electricity, I stopped leaving certain appliances plugged in over night.  When certain light bulbs burned out, if we didn’t need them, I left them alone.   Leaving the dead bulbs in prevented small children from lighting up like a Christmas tree.

One such light is over the mirror in the downstairs bathroom.  All the lights are connected to one switch. The sun hits that side of the house so, during the day, we don’t even need to turn on the light.  At night, the overhead light works well. No one has complained.  In the beginning, when DH asked why I did it, I told him, and he said it made sense.   It has been this way for years.  Not days.  Not weeks. Not months. Years.

This morning, I woke up late.  When you have an elderly dog who is on hormone replacement therapy and leaks, this isn’t a good thing.  I flew out of bed, hit the light switch to the bathroom as I ran in and was promptly blinded.  No exaggeration.  I couldn’t freaking see.   I think I may have even cried out in shock.

The maximum wattage for the lights over the mirror is 40 per bulb.  This is bright,  especially when combined with full sun through the window, so I kept it to three 25 watt bulbs until they went out.  Today DH, for whatever reason, replaced all three with 60 watt bulbs.    That’s five (two in the overhead light) 60 watt bulbs in a small full-sized bathroom with the sun shining in.   Have you ever tried to find and sit on a toilet with your eyes closed?  Even if they were open, I couldn’t see a thing.

While trying to get rid of the spots in my eyes from the lights, I hurried into the kitchen to grab my shoes, so I could get the dogs outside.  After one was finished, and Snow Queen (aka the Husky) refused to come in, I ran the Boxer upstairs to feed him his breakfast.  I accidentally hit the second light in the kitchen, another one I don’t use, and was hit by a blinding death ray.  Okay, it just felt like one.   He had replaced all four 25 watt bulbs, the maximum for that light, with four 60 watt bulbs which is way over the wattage limit.

I’ve had a low-grade fever and headache for three days.   Having my eyeballs seared twice before coffee didn’t sit well.  My entire family knows not to screw with me before coffee.  Even people I only know online understand this.

I turned to DH and said, “Seriously?!  Why did you do this?  You know why I didn’t replace them. Omgosh, I’ve had it.  I”m so done.”  He didn’t say a word.  He obviously didn’t believe me.  I went to make the Husky come back in, so I could catch up on what I had planned for today.  DH never said a word to me about my comment.

My eldest pointed out that when he ignored my first ultimatum, I did nothing.  In fact, he did his behavior four more times. When he ignored the eating rules and ordered his pork sandwiches, even after I said something about it (this has happened several times now), I haven’t done anything other than use words.  She said, “You haven’t followed through.  He probably thinks he can do what he wants, and you won’t leave or do anything about it.”

She’s right.  It’s partially my fault for not sticking by what I said.  He is pushing.  This shows a serious lack of respect for not only me, but the family as a whole.  Unknown to either of them, he’s got a huge shock coming.  I’m just getting all my ducks in a row first.




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