Fun Few Days

Poor histamined Boxer took several days of anti-histamines and steroids to finally clear him up.   We searched high and low, but still couldn’t find anything to explain it.  We can only assume that he ate some of the Husky’s droppings (gag) and reacted to her medication.

The Husky was losing weight due to her picky eating, so we had to switch to a higher quality (more expensive) dog food.  It did the trick and she’s fattening up again.

During all of this, we had nasty minus 0 temps.  At first, I thought my hands were “cold bitten” after running errands.  By the time I went to bed, it had moved up to my elbows, and I realized I was having an allergic reaction.  I can only think of one thing that caused it.

I jumped in the shower that morning and realized I had run out of my baking soda wash.  I still had a bit of my old shampoo left, so I figured one wash wouldn’t hurt, right?

Oh, so wrong.

Within a few minutes, my scalp started burning.  I had to rinse it off quickly.   I don’t know if that caused the break-out on my hands or not, because I didn’t react anywhere on my back.   It took several doses of Benadryl, which I hate taking, to clear it up.   They’re still healing up, but now, I can finally type again (Yay), work on DD3s sweater (Yay), and wash dishes ( Boo!).





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