Hair Rinse

A lot of things going on, but I thought I’d post this quickly since it has been pointed out that I wrote a post about hair wash, but I did not write one about conditioner or rinsing.  There is a reason for that: I really can’t find one I’m happy with – until about a week ago.

Many sites say to use 1 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water.  I tried that.  It sucked – bad.   I am now up to full-strength ACV and that works much better, but my hair was still a bit dry afterwards, and I was still having issues with “puffiness” along the bottom. Last week, I accidentally found a better way for my hair.

Normally, I use the baking soda wash, spray everything but my scalp with ACV,  detangle, rinse, dry and use my gelly as a styling gel.  Technically, I don’t style it.  I either leave it curly or comb the gelly through it and let it dry straightish.  I can’t comb my hair once it’s dry or it revolts, and I look like a poster child warning people not to mess with electrical outlets.

Anyhow, last week I overslept.  Waking up late meant rushing through a shower.  While drying off, I felt like I had forgotten something.  When I went to rub Aloe Vera Gelly through my hair, I realized I had forgotten to rinse the ACV out.   I read that some people don’t, so I didn’t worry too much about it.  Best mistake ever.

After a bit more experimenting, what works best for me is to spray ACV in my hair, I use a comb to detangle,  rinse it out, then spray the lower half of my hair with it and leave it in.  I use a microfiber head wrap from Wal-Mart to hold my hair up,  dry off, then massage the gelly through-out my hair.  Sometimes I comb it through; sometimes I don’t if I want to go curly.   If my hair is really dry, I’ll use homemade body butter on the ends.

That’s it.  Nice, natural, soy and MSG-free.   As always: your mileage may vary.



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