Procrastination, Disorganization and Cheepers

My friend and I decided we were done with procrastinating.  Our New Years resolution was to get organized!  We had ideas!  We had plans!  We were going to get this done!

That was almost two months ago.

We still haven’t done anything.

We’re such bad girls.  *sigh*

Both of us had various issues that commandeered our plans, but the main underlying cause is still that nasty procrastination.

Stuff keeps coming in, especially my consultant supplies, and I’m fast running out of room.

However, it’s gotten to the point where I must get things organized, sold or thrown away.

Especially because ~

I have chicks coming.  Not the human kind.  The cheeping, small fuzzy-butt, non-stop noise making kind.

I wasn’t planning on getting them until after we moved, but circumstances have decreed I get them now.

I can’t procrastinate anymore.  Little lives depend on my clearing out the basement, making a brooder, and a top out of hardware mesh to keep this guy:




from treating them like his new food source.  That is my 15-year-old cat who is an excellent mouser.  I have no doubt he’d make an excellent “cheeper” as well.

They arrive the week of March 4th.    I have no doubt, shortly after that, I will be wondering what in the world I got myself into.



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