Milk and Sweeteners

This is the first of several topics I have on my mind. 

A friend posted this on Facebook:

Big Dairy Wants to Add Aspartame to Milk Without Telling Consumers

What?!  No way.  They wouldn’t do that, would they?

Unfortunately, I already know that the food industry pulls this crap all the time.    I researched and discovered other news agencies reporting it as well.

One example:

This affects me in a large way.  Aspartame is not something I can have.   It is the first excitotoxin I reacted to.  In doing research, I also discovered that some milk companies add sugar to their milk.  Labeling is not required. My first thought was, What about diabetics? How many, in ignorance, are drinking it?  One of my in-laws is a diabetic who loves milk.   I honestly don’t know how it would affect diabetics.  It’s not something I’ve looked into.  However, it should be on a label so people who avoid sugar know it’s in there.

If this goes through, I won’t be able to drink milk, because I won’t know which brand will have it or will add it in the future.


What ticks me off is that companies think it’s okay to do this to consumers.  And consumers let them.  Companies are so interested in profits that people suffer, and those with sensitivities like me watch our food choices dwindle down over time.

I can’t help but feel that I am being pushed into growing my food in all areas.   I can’t eat most cheeses, I can’t ingest most creams, yogurt or butter on the market,  eating most grocery store chicken is out of the question – the list goes on and on.  I slipped up on this a lot recently and am now paying the price for it.

I only have half an acre.  At least 1/4 of it is treed.  I’m limited, by city regulations, on what I can have.    It seems like it’s time to get very serious about saving up for land.   At this rate, I am going to need it to survive without being sick. 



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