Last post tonight.  I promise.  Maybe.   Poor people.  I go for days without posting, then flood your in-boxes. 

DD3 seemed to be falling back into her depression after the loss of the Husky.  She inquired about 5 different dogs that she found at rescues.  Some were already adopted.  She was denied for the others, because we own a cat.  Each denial made her sink lower.  I’m not even sure she realized what was happening.  I could see it.  When I had more than the usual amount of trouble getting her out of bed, I knew I needed to find her a new buddy ASAP.

As I was looking at a list on Petfinders, the page messed up, so I refreshed it.  Another dog popped up.  He had just been posted.  He fit what she wanted. I fired off an email to the rescue group, filled out the application, and decided to surprise my daughter with him.  Unfortunately, she walked in while I was on the phone with the head of the rescue group, so that ended the surprise part. Oops.

We were approved, I talked to the foster, and discovered this 1-year-old pup needs lots of love and training.  He is the type of dog DD3 is very good with.  He is in TN, so he will be transported to us in about a week.   As long as he gets along with Sir Barksalot, she will have another mutt to spoil.   I am paying the transport fee, since I chose an out-of-state dog.  She is paying the adoption fee. 

 Oh, yeah.  It’s another Husky. 🙂


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