Sequester and Plans

I posted a slight rant on my Facebook to do with the sequester.    Just fyi, you guys should really be glad you’re not on my Facebook.  I am sick of people blaming one side or the other when it’s the entire government being selfish.  I also posted that I’d rather take the financial hit now, than have a budget full of crap passed due to scare tactics that will have all of us paying for years.  What I did not post is that this means all of my plans come to a screeching halt and are put on hold until further notice.

A “friend”, someone I only know online,  said, “You talk but never do anything.”    All I said was, “You obviously don’t know me.”

I am a planner and — this part tends to throw people off — I go by my gut feeling.  Over the years, I have learned to pay attention to things that happen in life, and my feelings about them.  The feeling part started with this incident:

Every year, we went from wherever we were living at the time, to see our parents halfway across the country.  One year, while living in military housing in CT., I had a very bad feeling about the trip.  Every time I thought, “We shouldn’t go this year.” the feeling went away.  When I prepped for the trip, the bad feeling came back.   This was a very pronounced “butterfly in the stomach” feeling.  I shared the feeling with DH.  He said, “It’s all in your head.”

4 hours from home our van started acting up.   I won’t go into the whole day, but it took us over 24 hours just to get back to our house.   By that time, we had spent most of our travel money on gas, hotel, food and a mechanic who couldn’t find anything wrong.  In the end, we had to cancel the trip.

While DH was trying to figure out the problem (turned out to be a $5 clogged fuel screen), a boy who lived 2 doors down from us crossed the street in front of our house.  His friend lived directly across from us.   I noticed him out of the corner of my eye, but my attention was mainly on my youngest who was playing next to me.

I saw DH move before I heard the scream.  Whipping around, I was horrified and motionless for a split second.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  The boy was being attacked by the Golden Retriever that lived next door to his friend.  We’ve owned a Golden before.  This was definitely NOT normal behavior for them.  By the time I jumped to my feet, DH had the dog pinned by the throat up against its owners’ house.  They were literally face-to-face with the dog on his hind legs.

I yelled for my eldest, who was already running out of the house because she heard the screams, and she took my son while I ran across to check the boy.  I had gone through the Red Cross First Aid and CPR course  for being a day care provider.   I could see DH straining to keep the dog, who was trying his best to reach DH’s face, pinned.

By this time, the mother of the boy’s friend had heard the continued screams and came out of her house.  Our first concern was getting him away from the dog.  She grabbed the upper half of the hysterical child; I grabbed the lower half. Both of us carried him in case one of us dropped him.  He was covered in blood.

We ran him back to his yard yelling for his mother the entire time.  She came out and lost it when she saw the blood.  She stood there screaming and crying.  Yes, this was her spoiled baby. He was hurt.  She couldn’t handle it.  To be fair, he was a right mess.  His father ran out, saw DH with the dog and went to help him the same time another neighbor came out and also went to help.

I’m not sure who called 911.  In the end, the boy received over 25 stitches just on his butt, stitches on his face and limbs.   The dog was put down.  This was the second time that neighbor had a dog who attacked someone.  The last dog attacked my daughter, but she was far luckier than the boy was.  After that, they were banned from having pets in military housing.  The mother was told that if DH and I had not been there, the boy would’ve most likely been killed.

From that point on, I listen to the feelings.

The planning part ~

I am careful about big purchases and especially purchases that can change our lives like cars.  I have to think it through and really justify spending the money.  Gas for the big van was killing us, and we didn’t really need it anymore.   After we bought this house, it was a pain to drive it in winter up and down our hill.  15 passengers and icy hills don’t go well together.

After thinking for about 3 months, weighing pros and cons, I decided to get a minivan.  I had to decide what options were worth it, which were necessary and what price range I would pay.   Once that was decided, I waited until I found what I wanted.   That is the way I am.    Meanwhile, I saved money for it.    It took almost a year to find, meanwhile people kept asking me, “I thought you were going to buy a car?”   They didn’t understand why I just didn’t go buy a brand-new car and fully finance it.    I couldn’t understand why they would waste money to do that.

I have written about divorce.  People who don’t know me seem to think that I should’ve filed already.  They don’t get it.  I have to know what I’m doing.  I have to make sure all my ducks are in a row.  I have to know where I’m going, who is going with me, and how we’re going to get there.

In the time I first wrote about it, I paid off that minivan.  I paid off another loan I had.   I paid off one loan that was in DH’s name.  I paid down the other loans which are in both our names.  I’ve wanted to get debt-free and was working towards it to begin with.   I made a list of what I’d need money for, how much it would cost to move, etc. and was setting it aside.   I’ve been researching land and living costs in various.   They don’t understand that just because I haven’t filed doesn’t mean I’m not working towards it.  It does no good to put us both into a financial dog house.

This sequester has put all that on hold.  I am very glad I waited and paid off loans.   With the upcoming pay cut, it may be what saves us.   Interestingly enough, the loan payments are almost equal to what we’re going to lose.    I am glad I bought the things I have so far this year.  They will help us weather this.  I am glad I have chickens coming, and that I’ve already set aside money for them.  I am glad for my business.  I’m sure we’ll be digging into my stores for it.

As I said in a earlier post:  I really feel I’m being “pushed” into a more homesteading lifestyle.



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