Chick Brooder

In less than a week, I will have a bunch of fuzzy noisemakers.  I finished the brooder today – sort of.

I made one based on this design:


I thought cutting the middle section out of the lid was hard until it was time to put everything together.  I had trouble getting enough strength behind the stapler to get the staples through the lid to hold the hardware cloth on.  Btw, hardware cloth is a misnomer.  It’s actually wire and hurts if you’re not paying attention or wearing gloves.

DH came down to see what I was doing and offered to do it.  I said okay, handed over the staple gun, and explained that I was trying to get the staples all the way through, so they could be bent down with pliers to grip the other side of the lid.  It needs to hold the weight of the cat in case he jumped on it.

He said, “Okay.  You can do something else while I do this.”  I went to catch up on the dishes while he worked on the top.  When I came down to see how he was progressing, I saw he added thin wood strips to the lid.   I asked why and he said to help stabilize it.  I calmly pointed out that with the wood the staples couldn’t be bent over to hold the cloth up.   He said, “This is better.”    I’m honestly not sure how.  I’m fairly certain if I punched the wire section, it would probably pop out the staples, but I could be wrong.

I realized two of the wood strips were too long and stuck out over the edge of the lid by several inches.  He noticed me looking at them and said, “I’ll cut those when I’m done.”

“Out of curiosity, wouldn’t it have been easier to cut the wood first?”

“Probably.”  He ran out of staples, went to reload it and said the stapler was stuck and wasn’t accepting them.   I  could see he was putting them in wrong and said maybe he should try flipping them over.

“No, this is the right way to put them in.  It’s broken.  I’ll fix it.”

After taking the stapler completely apart, and “fixing” it, it took him 3 hours to put it back together, because he didn’t pay attention to how he took it apart. I had other things to fill my time, so I did those while I waited.  He set it near the brooder, while I was elsewhere, and never told me it was “fixed”.  I happened to see it when I walked by.  He was nowhere in the house, so I finished the top.  The wood pieces are still hanging out, but it’s good enough for now.


Brooder 332013

Now to wait for the little fuzzbutts.


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