Identifying and Trouble Making Chicks

We tried to identify the chicks in the “surprise” lot.  It’s hard, because chicks of different varieties can look very similar. One is another Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire Red.  We’re not sure.  Road Runner might be a Golden Buff (Red Star).  She’s camera-shy.

We think Boss is an Australorp, but – again – we’re not sure.   However she seems to be identical to the pictures.  It turns out that she is not the trouble maker.

Boss 372013

Boss peeking out from behind the feeder.

Two others chicks are the trouble makers.  I think they are White Plymouth Rocks.  The two yellow chicks were, at first, Thing 1 and Thing 2.  Today their names were changed to Mayhem and Chaos, because that’s what they create.

Everyone can be sleeping and these two will literally run over them, wake them up and cause ticked-off cheeping.  I’m not talking one or two chicks.  I’m talking a row of 5-10 chicks.  They start at one end and run across to the other.

Eating where one of them wants to eat?  They’ll just stand on the head of the offending chick until she moves.   Chaos had one of the Red’s head pinned in the feeder.  I was afraid she was going to strangle her on the edge, so I removed Chaos to the floor of the brooder.

If the lid is off, so I can clean the water container or adjust something, Boss, Chaos and Mayhem are all standing side-by-side, with their necks stretched up as far as they can get them, eyeing the top of the brooder.  I’m pretty sure they’re planning an escape.

Chaos decided to run circles around the feeder on the heads of those eating. Why?  Because she could?

Boss was eating, and one of them picked her up by the back of her neck and moved her. Boss said, “I don’t think so.”  A fight broke out. Boss won.

This is constant behavior by them.  If I hear the brooder in an uproar, I can guarantee you those two did something.

If I don’t get Mayhem’s pasty butt cleared, Chaos will be on wreaking havoc on her own.

Chaos 372013



Mayhem exhausted after... well, causing mayhem.

Mayhem exhausted after… well, causing mayhem.


I’m praying none of them are roosters, because we are not keeping roosters and these three are a riot.



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