New Pup

I think I wrote about looking for a new friend for my youngest daughter who is 23.  Last month her Husky had to be euthanized due to a nasty cancerous tumor larger than a soft ball that was wrapped around her pancreas and GI tract.

DD3 was turned down by 5 rescues interests, because either the dog was already matched with someone or because we own a cat.  She was getting depressed, so about a week ago I checked Petfinder.  I didn’t see any new Huskies.  When I refreshed the page a little while later, this guy popped up:


I immediately emailed, got an email right back, went through the reference checks, spoke to the “foster mom” and today this little guy is on his way here!  My daughter is thrilled.  The head of the rescue sent me these pictures from this morning:


Thor Leaving TN 1

Waiting for the transport van.

Thor leaving TN 3

Checking out his riding companion and waiting his turn to get into the van.

Thor leaving TN 2

He freaked out a bit when he heard all the other dogs barking. It took two people to get him in, and he is NOT happy about it.


He does have a skin condition, but it’s not contagious.  The vet who checked him for the trip thinks it may be allergies.   He is being sent with Prednisone along with a couple of other meds.  Once he is here and settled in, we’ll take him to our vet for a second look just to make sure we have the right diagnosis.   We pick him up tomorrow morning from the city an hour north of us.  My daughter is not happy, because she has to work.  She wanted to be the first to greet him, since he is hers.

The rescue asked if I wanted a Great Pyrenees to guard my flock.  I said I’d wait a bit.  My house is not that big. lol




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