I Declared War

I wasn’t happy about losing Mayhem.  It’s not the same without Chaos and her creating havoc in the brooder.  It’s only been a few hours, but you can tell the difference.  I did not want to lose another chick over something I should be able to take care of. I spent about an hour researching everything I could find on chicks who get pasted.

I discovered I am being way to gentle with them.  In my fear of harming or chilling them, I made things worse.   As a parent, we do things we know will hurt our children in order to make them better like stitches when they are cut deep. If they are diabetic, we ignore their begging for cake.   I realized these chicks are no different.  I have to be cruel to be kind. One last chick was still pasted, so I declared war on pasted backsides.

I had been wetting a paper towel with warm water and trying to wipe/soak the dried poop off.   It obviously wasn’t working. After more online research, I read about another method which worked better for many.  It sounded sort of mean, but it was this or the little Red would die next. This last pasted “poor” chick got a butt bath.

I took her to the bathroom, put her on her back in my hand and ran warm water over her butt.   Talk about some indignant cheeping!   I kept telling her, “Sorry, kiddo, but it’s this or death.”  I’m not sure if I was trying to comfort her or myself; maybe both.  It took about 10 minutes to get it off of her, without tearing her skin, but I did it.   I wish I’d found this way earlier.

I did a partial drying with a hand towel and she got her revenge.  She pooped on my hand.  DH said, “I think you’re the first person I’ve heard cheer when a bird poops on her.”  It was a good sign!  It showed her vent wasn’t blocked. To keep her from getting chilled, I set the blow dryer on low heat,  held it about 12 inches or more away from her backside, and waved it back and forth to dry her off.  Guess what?  She loved it!  She stopped cheeping.  She just laid in my hand while I blew her dry.

After putting a bit of oil on her butt to protect the bare skin, she began cheeping again.  I think she realized she was getting a “spa treatment” and was now upset it was over with.   I put her back into the brooder, and she stood there giving an odd cheeping speech while the others came over and, I swear, they were listening to her.  I think she was regaling them with her adventures.



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