Life with Critters

We lost Little Rocky and Mayhem to paste.  I thought I had them cleared, but I guess not.   This morning, even though I could see Mayhem was on her way out, I fought to save her.  After an hour, she gave up.    😦   Chaos will have to find a new buddy to cause trouble with.  I did a clean out of the brooder – hard to do with chicks in it – scrubbed the feeding and water container, put in fresh bedding, etc.   One more pasted one left, and I’m having trouble getting her clean without chilling her.

In better news, we picked up my daughter’s new friend yesterday.  He turned out be a HUGE cuddle bug and thinks he’s a lap-dog.  Since he’s spent most of his life before rescue tied outside, he has many house manners to learn, but he is catching on to a few already.   Now, if he’d just stop wanting to play with the cat who barely tolerates dogs…I’m pretty  sure that lesson will be taught by the cat.


3 - Thor - Topher First Day Home 392013

He actually sat and “smiled” for the camera.

He definitely takes the term “velcro dog” to a whole new level.  With all the recent chaos in his life, I don’t blame him for being clingy.   Off to walk both dogs before the energy level hits the ceiling.



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