Flowers for Mama

I had both grandsons for two days.  My daughter and hubby were going to pick them up when they came over to celebrate her birthday.

I took GS2 (the 2-year-old) to the store with me to shop for some food for his mom’s  birthday dinner. We were almost finished, and I was pushing him in the cart through the produce section.

As we pass a stand full of fresh flowers, GS2 pointed at the flowers and said, “Mama.”  Not sure if he was calling me mama or if he wanted flowers for mama, I asked him. When I pointed to the flowers and asked if he wanted to get flowers for Mama, he nodded and said, “Yes!”

I began to pick up a spring bouquet of colorful flowers and he said, “No.”

“You don’t want these? What about those?” I pointed to the white roses and again received a “No.”

“How about these?” I pointed at the pink roses. “No. ”

Yellow roses. “No.”

When I pointed to the red roses, he gave me an emphatic nod and said loudly, “YES!”

“You want to get Mama the red ones?” He gave me a huge grin and nodded. I found a produce bag to put the wet stems in and helped him place them into the cart.

I hid them until present time, then gave him the bag to bring to her.  After she saw them, I told her the story.  It made her night.



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