Things keep happening here, and I had no desire or time to write… until I go to bed.  As I was falling asleep, I’d write these great posts and think  I am going to write that in the morning!

Morning would come and for the life of me I couldn’t remember what it was I had planned on writing.  This happens a lot.  I thought about recording it, but I know once I get back up, I am up for a while and there is no sleeping late.

I had my plans for the coop drawn up, had the materials list written up, went online to order it at the local home improvement store and then – we got another foot of snow.    A foot.  Of snow.    /headdesk   I can’t have lumber sitting in a wet driveway.

The chicks are outgrowing their brooder.  As in if-they-all-get rowdy-everything-gets-knocked-over big.   I read that they grew fast.  I didn’t realize that they’d get this BIG in two weeks.  The feeder is on the right and one of the Rocks has already got it tilting and is roosting on the edge sticking up.


Chickens 3232013 5

As you can see, they have little room to move.  They will start pecking each other soon.  I need to go buy another feeder and waterer bottom and move half to the other container.   I discovered those red bottoms can be used with mason jars.  I have a lot of mason jars.   That will save me money.  The other problem is that if they try to fly or jump over each other, they hit the top of the brooder.  Since it’s hardware cloth, I don’t think they’ll get hurt, but it’s still a bit concerning.

We’ve been taking videos of the chicks, but only posting them in my family only channel on Youtube.  My eldest son wants me to make a channel for our budding homestead, give our “farm” (very loosely used term) a name. and post stuff to it.  I said I barely get to write, so not sure how well I’d keep up with that.

Today it finally warmed up to the 40s and I have a nasty cold.  Since I’m MSG/Excitotoxin sensitive, eat kosher, etc. cold medicines cannot be taken.  This makes it difficult to function since I get the fun of experiencing every “wonderful” cold symptom.   Coconut  oil on the nose is helping to ease the soreness from blowing.   A friend gave me a homemade cold/flu recipe that I am trying.  If it works, I’ll post it.   It tastes like warm apple cider.  I just started it today, but it’s healthy enough that I may make it a daily thing.

We tried the Stroganoff recipe for my daughter’s birthday.  It was a hit!  The only thing we’d change is to add more seasonings.  It was a bit bland until DH loaded it up with more thyme, pepper and garlic.   He took over cooking after I stupidly grabbed the handle of the skillet forgetting I was using the cast iron and not the cool handle one.

The Husky is a demanding creature.  If he gets tired of being alone, no matter what time it is, he will try to tunnel through my bedroom door.  If that doesn’t work, he starts howling at it.   He is slowly learning this does not make me happy.   He gets to deal with something like this:



I think I am going to seriously look at finding another rescue as his playmate.  Our poor Boxer just can’t keep up with him.   My daughter, who normally walks them, is out with a sprained knee.  I have a nasty cold.  It snowed.  All that pent-up Husky energy has cost me a lotion bottle, a glove, and we just caught him chewing on a boot.  He has chew toys.  He’s bored.  A bored Husky is a destructive Husky.

I got the grandsons for two days, right before I became sick, so that was a fun two days.   I’m 5’7″ and the 7 yo comes up to my armpits.  He is so freaking tall.   He’s also highly intelligent, so keeping him entertained can become interesting.   DS2 and 3 kept him occupied with several things.  He helped me make Lemon Bars for his mom as her birthday cake.  The 2 yo “made” me buy flowers for his mom which was cute.  I’ll write about that later – if I remember.



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