Chicken Update

So far we are still at 10 chicks, though I’m not sure how much longer I can call them “chicks”.  A couple are almost fully feathered.   Their wings are big and their feet are getting huge. Leaving the top off the brooder isn’t possible unless I want to risk a chick falling a bit of a distance.   They completely ran out of room in their current brooder.  If any two decided to get rowdy, all the containers would be flipped.  This happened about every 2 hours.

We always knew when it happened, because the outraged cheeps of the poor chick(s) it fell on could be heard throughout the house.   If it was the water bottle, then I had the fun job of scooping all the wet shavings out of the brooder.   It got to the point where I kept the water bottle slightly filled to avoid chicks needing an ark.

They are so big I had to move them to two brooders with 5 chicks in each.  You’d think they’d be happy to have more room, but no.  They are not happy and will go over to the “joining wall” and peck it and cheep at their lost friends.  The new set-up:



Chicks Moved to 2 Brooders 2 3272013

Hopefully, by next week I can remove the heat lamp, but it’s still getting chilly in the basement, so I’m not sure.   I’ll see how they react to it with this set-up and go from there.

The first few feet directly around the house is free of snow, but the area where the coop needs to go has about 6 inches still.   Hopefully, I will be able to get out there tomorrow or Friday and shovel out the entire area to speed up the ground drying, so I can get that darn coop and run built.



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