Monsanto Protection Act

I am not a happy camper.  In fact, I’m fairly ticked off.

I mentioned before that one time I had eaten canned corn and became sick.   It was a while ago.   I thought it was a fluke and maybe I just caught something.  The next time I ate corn, I was sick again.  It was the same brand that I always buy.  I’d never reacted to it before.   I tried a different brand with the same results.   I tried a third brand and was fine for a few months, then I started getting sick again.  A friend suggested I stick with organic corn and see what happens.

The result: I’m fine if I eat organic corn.  If I attempt to eat non-organic, 9 times out of 10 I will get sick.  That is when I learned about GMO corn and Monsanto.  GMOs are banned in almost every country but ours.   Some will argue that GMOs are fine.  Some will argue that they are harmful.

I can tell you that I can’t eat it.  It’s like I’ve been poisoned.  My body rejects and reacts to it.   After researching it and Monsanto, who brought you Agent Orange, I realized that big business owns our food supply.   Monsanto owns the patents on pretty much every GMO crop out there, and they are nasty to local farmers who don’t grow Monsanto’s seeds.   As in “Our seeds blew into your field, your field now tests positive for our crop, we’re suing you for patent infringement and taking your farm.” nasty.

When our current government appointed Monsanto exec, Micheal Taylor, to oversee our country’s food supply my first thought was, “Are you kidding me?!”    Many people don’t understand how much of our food supply Monsanto controls just by controlling the seeds.  I was surprised.  It’s a lot.

Now a temporary budget has been passed.  As part of the sequestered,  I should be happy.  I’m not.  Buried deep inside is a little law protecting Monsanto from any judicial interference.  Basically, they can grow their crops, do what they want, and no one can tell them to stop even if wildlife or people (read: organic farmers) are being harmed.   The only person able to stop this was the president by using a line item veto.

He didn’t.  He signed the Continuing Resolution spending bill and with it the Monsanto Protection Act.   In 2007, he said he would mandate GMO labeling on food.  He’s done the complete opposite.  For people like me, it is extremely frustrating not being able to trust any food at the store and to have a government that is run by corporate lobbyists who care only for profit.

I want my own island.  Monsanto, meat companies who feed cattle ground up cattle remains, caged chicken ranches, etc. can stay the hell out.  It will be a “No reaction; safe food aka REAL FOOD” zone.  Can you tell I’m a wee bit aggravated?

*goes off to scream in my pillow*


3 thoughts on “Monsanto Protection Act

  1. This is really frustrating. It gets to the point that if you didn’t grow it yourself you can’t trust it, and even this is in jeopardy with certain crops. {like corn}


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