Chicken Attack

Our largest chicken, so far, is a Rhode Island Red named Lady Cluck.  She received that name  after we saw her running through the brooder with her wings spread, knocking everyone else over.  My 23-year-old had just finished watching Disney’s Robin Hood cartoon movie and said, “She’s just like Lady Cluck in the movie when she goes after the guards.”

This morning, I reached into brooder #1 to clean the shavings off the grit container.  She (He?!) suddenly spread her wings and went after my hand, pecking.  I didn’t even think.  I turned my hand and flicked her beak.  She backed off.

As I went to fill the bowl of food, she did it again.  She managed two good pecks, which didn’t hurt, before I could get my hand holding the scoop out of the brooder.  I think she knew I was kind of defenseless in that position.

I’m thinking it’s time for a one-on-one meal worm session with the snarky bird.  Given her behavior and size I’m hoping she doesn’t turn out to be a Lord Cluck.

She’s near the back of this picture from a few days ago.  She’s squatting, so this doesn’t show her full size:

Chickens and Lady Cluck 3232013



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