First Escapee

I went to give the chicks their crack… um, meal worms.  I pushed the brooder lid back just enough to get my hand into both brooders.   Years of catching falling kids served me well.   I didn’t even see movement.  I just swung back to the second brooder and caught Boss as she landed on the top edge of the brooder she had just been in.

Fast little sucker.

I had a feeling she was going to try it.  For the past week, I’ve noticed her eyeing the opening when I move the lid.  A Rock has been doing the same thing, so I expect more escape attempts.  It makes it a bit difficult when the lids span two brooders.

The snow is finally melting (Thank you, Lord!) so we will begin working on the coop this coming week.

*does happy dance*

Btw, breathing while dumping a 50 lb bag of feed into the mouse-proof bin isn’t a good idea.   That was an hour ago, and I’m still coughing off and on.





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