Look What Has Arrived and Other Stuff

At 6:45 am, this was delivered to my door.  Thank God for Lowes delivery.



It is the wood for the coop and a shed for….


Baby goats!


After trying raw goat milk from a local farm, to make sure we’d drink it, I decided to go with the good deal my friend is giving me, especially since she offered to bring them to me.  I was planning on goats anyhow, so  it’s one thing off of my list.

Now if this would just go away, so I can build both:






It’s almost gone.  We’re probably going to shovel it out of our way and let the ground dry a bit.  The swings will be moved, so I can fit a square foot garden there, since it is the only full sun spot in the yard.

I am almost in full panic mode over the chicks.  They are tall enough, if they stand on the feeder or grit bowl, to start pushing on the brooder lid.  When people tell you that chicks grow fast they aren’t kidding!

In other news, the poor Boxer got nailed in the eye by the Husky while playing.

Jonah and His Injured Eye 422013



Immediately upon seeing it on him, my daughter and I said simultaneously, “He wears the cone of shame!”  (Movie quote)

He HATES the cone, and the Husky tries to pull it off  him, then will turn to me and “talk” almost like he’s yelling at me to get it off of his buddy.   He only has to wear it for about an hour after his eye gets medicated so he doesn’t rub it out.   That blur in the bottom right corner is said Husky trying to get the camera.

The Husky was seen by the vet at the same time, because his skin condition that he arrived with isn’t clearing up.   The vet took the Boxer out of the room, and the poor Husky had a meltdown.  He kept pulling, trying to go after his friend, and cried until he was brought back into the room.  Then he had to check the Boxer over to make sure he was okay.   It was cute, but also told us they have gotten very attached, since the Boxer did it when my daughter took her dog out of the room for a walk.

Unfortunately, my dog has the “Boxer tumors”.  They began showing up last year.   They began enlarging this past month.  When our last Boxer began getting them, each vet we had (we were still military and moving) kept saying, “He only has a year left.”  This was at age 5.  Thankfully, they stayed on the surface and didn’t show up internally. He was put down at age 11 due to degenerative myopothy which is a completely different disease.

My parent’s Boxer had surgery to remove an internal one, and it was discovered that the tumor completely covered part of his heart, stomach, and another organ.   There was no way to remove it.   He was already having issues with his heart. The vet didn’t bother waking him up per my parent’s instructions.   That dog was my dad’s buddy.  My dad is 6’5″ and, at the time, a cop of many years.  He never showed emotion about anything.  He cried over losing his best friend.

My current Boxer is 9.  The average lifespan of this breed is about 8 years.   He had a senior work-up at the vet, and so far everything looks okay, but we know we’re most likely running out of time.   These tumors, once started, tend to begin growing inside as well.  We’ll do what we can until they take over a vital organ.

What this means is, since the two have gotten so attached, we are going to have one depressed Husky when the Boxer goes.   The rescue we adopted the Husky from sent me a picture with an email saying, “Interested in this beauty?  She is at a kill shelter right now.”   It was a gorgeous 2-year-old female Husky.

I think things happen for a reason.  That the picture was sent the day we were thinking about adding another young dog to the pack makes me wonder if we’re supposed to adopt her.    Another decision to mull over.  I didn’t plan on getting another Husky.  I wanted a “farm dog” like a Shepherd, Pyrenees, or Aussie.   Though it would be easier to train those breeds after we move to more land, because I need them young to train well.

Her being in a kill shelter bothers me.  The rescue is trying to find a foster home for her, so they can pull her, but they are short on homes.  Three dogs is our limit.  We do not have any room in the house for more than that.  If we get her, we are done with dogs for a while.





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