We have been racing to get a goat shed and coop built by today.  We failed on both accounts.

My friend, who is selling us goats at a wonderful price, informed me about a week ago she and her husband were coming up this way and would drop the goats off.   Building the coop was dropped and we turned our attention to the goat shed instead.   It’s far easier to house chickens in the house than goats.

The weather was against us.  Had we not had so much rain and snow (really?!), we would’ve had the shed finished in time.   We will, hopefully, finish the shed and get the area around it fenced tomorrow, so the little ones aren’t confined to a dog crate like they are now.   We did let them run around the kitchen for a bit after they arrived, but they are bedded down in the crate for the night.


Day 1 Loki and Tooti 4 weeks old 4122013



The cardboard is to keep the cat from trying to torment them like the evil cat he is.  It’s also to help keep any “splashing” to a minimum. I am really tired and sore from the last few days, so I am going to bed in a few.



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