Bittersweet Monday

My daughter has looked all over the state for a job.  She finally gave up and began looking all across the country.   She had interviews over the phone or email, but each one turned into a “no”.  She was hopefully about the latest prospect.  Today she discovered she was hired – in Texas!  Across the country.

She has to leave on Sunday.  6 days!  After much discussion, it was decided both of my grandsons will stay with me while she and her husband take the baby, who is still nursing, to find a place to live, set-up house and save enough money to move their apartment.   Her husband will come back here, pick up the boys, we will help them pack everything up, and then my eldest daughter may ride down with him to help with the boys then fly back.    I could’ve driven them down, but now that I have the critters that would be difficult.

Since my eldest grandson, 7 yo, has been bullied nonstop in three different schools in his area, I’m praying this will be a new beginning for him.   They will, hopefully, do better financially and be able to go forward as a family.  They have been in a holding pattern for a long time.  Understandably, she is nervous, exciting and scared.

Of course, this means my three grandchildren, that are still in my area, will be gone.  That will be hard.  There is this slight feeling of dread, but I think it’s tied to my not wanting them to go even though I know it’s a good thing for her family.  I have, at least, 2-4 weeks with the boys.  I plan on making the most of it.


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