Goat Shed

It’s been a long week in more ways than one.  I’m not going into all the details just yet.  There is a quite a bit that has been happening.

One non-stop issue was the rain and snow that kept showing up.



3 Building Goat Shed in the Rain 4122013

The rain/snow clouds that kept showing up.


Despite that we managed to get 3 walls of this horrible shed kit built.  This kit is the poster child for the phrase “you get what you pay for”.   I will be making my own improvements to it.


3 Matthew on Ladder Building Goat Shed 2122013

Three walls up! DS3 peeking over the top.

4 Matthew and Tim Fooling Around Building Goat Shed 4122013

DS2 and 3 being smart alecks. DS3 was off his rocker for not wearing a coat. It was in the 30s. I think it may have hit 40 for a whole minute.


5 Matthew and Tim Fooling Around Building Goat Shed 2 4122013

Remember the part where I said my kids are weird? Yeah.


Right after we installed the first roof rafter, the sky opened up and we were rushing to get everything put away.   Unfortunately  we had no tarp or anything to cover the shed and snow/slush piled up on the inside.

After the roof is on and the doors are held open to help dry it out:


7 Drying out the wet inside of the shed and felt paper on roof 2132013

Felt Paper on! It’s almost done. Yay!


After the coop is finished, I will be adding a window to either side of the shed for more light and ventilation.


6 Drying out the wet inside of the goat shed 4122013

Doors propped open against the wind to (hopefully) help dry the inside. This was after we had to shovel the snow and slush out of it.


12 Inside the Goat Shed 4142013

View of the inside: partial wall to help hold the bedding back and to help keep the equipment area free of shavings. Well, mostly free.


Before anyone has a fit, we know the enclosure is way too small.  We had to get them out of the living room and the dog crate they were living in.  Trust me, they’re loving it so far.  After the coop is finished, we will put up fencing that will cover a much larger area.  It will go 10 feet behind the goat shed and about 150 feet to up by our road.  Half of it is small trees and underbrush, so there will be a lot of browsing material for them.


8 In Their New Home 4142013

An unused child’s picnic table makes a great climbing toy. They love it so much I may buy a wood adult one later on for them.


11 In Their New Home Trying to Eat Matthew's Gloves 4142013

Being petted by DS3.


I did get a slight start.  I turned around and one had her front leg and head out one of the larger openings near the upper part of the fence.  I didn’t think they could reach it very well.  Lesson learned:  Never underestimate a determined goat.   We will be adding hardware cloth to the panels later, so they can’t get through it.


10 Eating My Coat 4142013

Their favorite past time when I’m around: eating my coat. Apparently they have a thing for LL Bean barn coats.

We left them in the pen all afternoon yesterday and planned on letting them stay out there overnight as well.  However, the smaller goat decided she didn’t want to drink her bottle.  DD3 managed to get her to drink half, but she refused to touch it after that.  We brought them back inside for the night, so I could make sure nothing was wrong.

I assumed she filled up on grasses, leaves and twigs.  I bought these from a friend.  I have no desire to call my friend up and say, “Hi, I killed off one of your kids (goats).”  Better safe than sorry.  This morning she drank almost a full bottle.  She left about an inch, so I feel a bit better, but we’re going to keep an eye on her.

Time to take them back out and, hopefully, they will stay out this time.  My living room is smelling a bit “barny”.




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