It’s amazing how things can change in a month.  I don’t have much time to write it all, but the biggest two are rearranging life around the grandsons (7 and 2) who were suppose to be picked up by their parents by now and finances have nose-dived.

All the extra money I set aside for fixing the electrical, plumbing and moving is almost gone.   DH’s paychecks have dropped significantly due to tax changes and another reason I’m not sure of.  He says he’s “taking care of it”.   I’m not sure what “it” is and he’s not saying.  We used to live frugally, and I will have to begin using those methods again just to keep the internet going for jobs and communication between the grands and their mother.

My daughter said she had a job in Texas and moved there with her husband and baby leaving almost all of their stuff behind along with the two grandsons.   They were to be here for a month.  When my daughter arrived in Texas, she said the job offer was bogus.  Her husband found two jobs fairly quickly.  They have a place to live and she is looking for work.  Until they, or I, have the money, the boys will be with me indefinitely.  They are currently sleeping in the living room which is the main room people have to walk through.  It is not an ideal situation, but we don’t have money to buy them bunk beds or divide another room up for them to use part of.

And the 2 yo is up from his nap…



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