Oh dear Lord what have I done?

I need to sit near the living room so I can make sure the 3-year-old (as of Sunday) does not annoy the 8-year-old as they go to sleep.  I would seriously love a guest room.  Just sayin’.

I began looking through various websites for renovation ideas for our camper (another blog post later). I mentioned to an online friend that I was finding ideas, but I’d never keep the bookmarked websites straight since I was using two different computers to do research.  She pointed me to this soul-sucking place:

All I wanted to do was keep ideas in one place.   Then I noticed a crochet pattern… and a cool idea for the car… and an awesome idea for the bathroom…a cool oatmeal cookie bar recipe (which was good)…



I needed this like I needed another DH.

I will admit it is handy for keeping ideas all in one place, especially since my laptop pulled a blue screen of death tonight which I’m trying not to think about.




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