Goat Update

A bit of a goat update;

The goats are 3 months old and are on grain and hay now.  As we cut down trees, we give them the branches and they eat the leaves off.  They seem to really love Maple leaves.

loki and tuiti 62013

We have enlarged their fenced area, but we’re not done yet.  The roll of goat fencing next to the fence is for the rest of the area we will be using for them.   I need to find where I can get the huge spools, so they can have more to climb on.

What I’ve discovered is that I seriously underestimated how big of a shed I would need.  I am going to add on another 12×12 section.    I didn’t think about a milking area, hay storage (yeah, that was really dumb), and I realized storing things in the house is a very bad idea, especially when it’s a severe thunderstorm and pouring out.

Their hay is being temporarily stored in one of our tents:

Temp Hay Storage

It’s not ideal, but it’s better than my car.

Our biggest problem now is we were hit by one financial emergency after another.   Getting the money to actually build on to the goat shed is going to be difficult.   Every dime I had saved for everything else is gone.

We were offered an “in milk” Nubian, and I had to turn her down.  That was hard, especially since we need her, but I have nowhere to put a milking stand unless I do it in the tent.   I’d also have to build the milking stand first.

The girls were following me around as I took pictures. They’re so cute!

loki and tuiti following me around 62013



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