First Day of Free Ranging

I was a worried chick mama when we let them out, but they really needed time out of the muddy run while I tried to fix it a bit.  Since four of us were out there to keep an eye on them we decided to give it a shot.  As soon as the run door was opened, they were out.  I swear I heard Mel Gibson yelling, “Frrrreeeeddddooooommmm!” in my head as they made a mad dash for the opening.

First Day Free Ranging 2 - 742013


First Day Free Ranging 3 - 742013


First Day Free Ranging 742013

Unfortunately, this morning when I let them out, I left them for 30 minutes to deal with small 2-legged ones.  I looked out the kitchen window and there was 1 Rock in the yard.   It took 15 minutes to track them down to the neighbor’s yard.  The only reason I found them is because I was shaking a container of dried meal worms, which they love, and I saw which direction they came from.

This is not a good thing.  Every neighbor has dogs.  The one to our right is a new neighbor who has a large dog.  I’ll need to put up something to keep them in our yard, so they don’t become someone’s dinner.



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