Rash of Medical Things

Lately, we have been hit by one medical issue after another.

A while back, DS3 had been working a lot at his job.  He worked for 7 days straight.  On his only day off I needed his help.  I felt bad for asking, because I knew he was exhausted, but we had to get some projects done.  He is 6′ 1″.   We were building the chicken run out of 6 foot high dog kennel panels. While building it he ran into the bar above the door.   I asked him if he was okay.  He laughed and said, “Yeah.”

Then he did it again.  And again.  And again.  A bit concerned, I checked his head and it looked a little red but okay.  I told him to stop it or I was running to the store to buy him a hard hat.

He began getting upset with himself for not remembering to duck and started to get cranky.  I was about to send him inside to chill, because he was obviously wiped out, when he and his brother got into a fight.   DS3 is pretty laid back, and fighting with his brother is very rare, so I told him to go inside and take a break.

A few minutes after he had entered the house, DS2 suggested he grab his brother and go get sodas or something.  I hate them drinking sodas, but they’re adults.  I also figured it would give them time to talk and make up.

About 5 minutes after going into the house, he came running back out and informed me he had banged on the door of the bathroom where his brother was, got the door open and found DS3 passed out in the bathroom.  I ran in and found him walking around saying his head hurt.  Off to the ER we went.  He had a mild concussion.   The doctors were concerned about greater injury, because he kept hitting the same spot over and over, but thankfully there wasn’t anything else.

Prior to that, my elbow had begun hurting during all the goat and chicken housing builds.   I put off going to get it checked for about a month.  One day I lifted something heavy with my right arm, which is the injured one, and the pain that tore through my elbow dropped me to my knees.   I finally went into the clinic and was informed I have tennis elbow.  It’s been over 2 months and it’s still not healing.   I can’t play violin, crochet, knit and it hurts to type for too long.  I have to call an orthopedist and have it looked at again.

Trying to take care of two goats, 10 chickens, 2 small children, other grown children, work on the house, build a new goat shed, etc. is hard enough without having an injured arm.

During all of that, DH had his own painful experience.   One night, about 2 am, something woke me up.  I was so exhausted from little sleep the night before due to a non-sleeping 3-year-old. Laying in bed, listening, I didn’t hear anything.   I could tell DH wasn’t in bed, but he gets up a lot during the night, so I didn’t think about it.

A while later, I woke up again.  DH still wasn’t in bed.  Through the wall separating our room from the bathroom, I thought I heard DH say something.  Half awake I listened, but didn’t hear anything else.  Back to sleep I went.  Again, I was woken up.  This time DH was in bed.  He was breathing a bit weird, so I again listened in case he was having a nightmare.  He got up and went back into the bathroom, and I assumed he had stomach cramps.

A bit later, DH woke me up.  Now I knew something was up, because he doesn’t wake me up in the middle of the night unless something is wrong.  He was in excruciating pain.  I have never seen DH cry – ever.   He was on the floor crying in pain.  The man had dragged himself from the bathroom floor to our room.

At that moment, I didn’t care about the selfishness, the lies, the crap he has pulled.  All I saw was someone in terrible agony.  I’m a mother hen.  I have to take care of people.  It’s in my genes.   I have never seen anyone in that much pain. I’ve never seen him affected by pain like that.

To give you a clue, he once fell in the shower.  On the way down he reached out his hand to stop himself, caught it on the sink cabinet and literally ripped his hand open.  The tear was about 3 inches long.  I could see bone.  He didn’t cry, yell or anything.  He cleaned up the blood, got dressed, woke me up and was like, “I need you to take me to the hospital.  I hurt my hand, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to need stitches.”  No tears.  Just matter-of-fact.  That’s the way he is.

Because of that, I knew the pain was off the charts.   At first I thought I was going to have to call an ambulance.  He couldn’t get up.  He couldn’t crawl.  He just laid there and writhed, but he insisted I drive him.  Eventually, he did make it to the car.  It was about 4 am.  I had to wake up DD3 so she could take care of the little ones while I was gone.

As soon as we got into the ER doors, they had him on a bed and put in an IV for pain meds.  4 hours later, after a diagnosis of kidney stones, we stopped by the house.  I ran and took care of the animals and let my daughter know what was going on.  We had to drive 20 minutes north of us to another hospital.  DH went into emergency surgery to have a stent put in, because the stone was stuck and urine was backing up into his kidney.  This is a bad thing in case you didn’t know.  It’s also what was causing the pain.  Not the stone itself, but the flooded kidney.

We finally returned home around 2 pm.  My daughter was taking a nap with the 3 yo.  One son was keeping the 8 yo entertained.  DH sat at his desk to rest and take the meds that were prescribed.  He fell asleep in his big chair. I got to catch up on everything except sleep.

It’s been 6 weeks and DH is still dealing with that stone.   Tomorrow he has another doctor appointment to see how they will deal with it.   It has already been sonically blasted, but the darn thing won’t come out.   It looks like they may have to go in after it, because the pieces are still inside the stent.    The urologist is afraid if he pulls the stent out, the pieces may stay behind and DH ends up where he was on the first night.

Among all of that, we have had a child with “growing pains”, another one teething, plus many food reactions, sore throats, etc.  The medical bills are mounting.

Can we all be healthy again?  Please?



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