So… About That Fence



loki and tuiti following me around 62013

These are goats.

Loki Stuck in Fence with Tuiti Looking On 7162013

This is a goat leashed so she would stop biting people, because….

Loki Stuck in Fence Looking Miserable 7162013

This is a miserable looking goat with her head stuck in the fence. The bent parts of the fence are from the attempted rescue.

Loki Stuck in Fence 2 7162013

DH and DS3 attempting said rescue. In the end, the fence panel had to be broken to get her unstuck. Hardware cloth was put over the fence section so it wouldn’t happen again.

During all of this, the 3 yo grandson was inside the house recovering from a stomach bug he woke up with.   Life is never dull.




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