Earlier today, I realized Road Runner (Buff Orpington) wasn’t with the group.   Looking around, I noticed she was laying under my deck being very loud.  I was hoping I was hearing the “egg song”.  She didn’t seem to mind me being nearby.  The other chickens saw me and came running obviously hoping a treat was forthcoming.  RR got up and went into the coop.

I gave her a bit of time, but I wasn’t sure what was up.  I wanted to make sure she wasn’t sick. Entering the coop to check on her found her sitting on the highest shelf, and she was quite vocal about the intrusion.  I decided discretion was the better part of valor and left.

About an hour later, DS3 went out to check on the group.  Since she wasn’t with them, he quietly peeked in the coop and saw her in a nesting box.  Beating a hasty retreat to the house, he informed me of the goings on.  I decided to wait until I saw her roaming again before checking the box.

Another hour went by before we noticed she was with her “sisters”, so I went to check.  I found our first egg!

Road Runner's First Egg and First Egg From Chickens

I am about as excited as when my children took their first steps.   I haven’t cracked it yet, but from the outside it looks pretty good for a first egg.


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