Rock Laying

The Buff Orpington is laying well so far.  We’re getting an egg a day.  Yesterday, I went out to open the coop and found a Rock in a nesting box and the Buff was singing the “egg song”.   I gave them a few hours, went out to check the box and found this:


Buff Egg Left Rock Egg Right 7252013

The Buff’s egg is on the left. On the right is the Rock’s.


The picture doesn’t do it justice.  This egg is small.  In the egg carton:


Rock Egg Compared to Buff Eggs 7252013

4 Buff eggs; 1 Rock egg

She laid a second one this morning the same size.   DS3 came into the kitchen and said, “It’s just an itty-bitty egg.”  DS2 said, “Naw, that’s a wanna-be egg.”  I may have to combine both eggs to qualify them as one in a recipe. lol  But I’m glad they’re laying.  🙂


3 thoughts on “Rock Laying

  1. Well, at least they will get bigger in a few weeks and then they will rival the orpington’s egg. Our Plymouth Barred Rock’s eggs are consistently the biggest and have been since about 6 weeks after she started laying. I enjoy the new pullet eggs, though. They are fun and sometimes have two yolks.


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