FDA to Restrict Outdoor Access for Organic Poultry

Anyone who follows how our food supply is controlled knows that several major businesses basically control a good part of it and want to control all of it.  Government agencies that are supposed to protect us are a joke that sell out to the highest “donation”.

The CEO/President of Nestle was quoted as saying he believes everyone should pay for water.  It isn’t “free”.   This includes well water, rain water, taking water from a lake, etc. I’m not even going to get into such a moronic statement.

Since I am trying to raise my animals organically and soy-free, people will send me articles they feel I may be interested in.   This one has me seeing red.  Just fyi, most cases of salmonella poisoning in chickens and eggs come from commercialized poultry and eggs.   Free range chickens tend to have the least amount.  It’s in the handling of the chickens.

FDA poised to Release Guidance Restricting Outdoor Access for Organic Poultry


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