Watch Where Your Tape Measure Is

I needed to measure the girls for weight.  Yes, believe it or not you measure goats and do a math formula and viola! – a weight guesstimate.

I am in the process of looking for a one night stand for one or both of my girls.  The 4-legged ones.  Just to be clear.

They need to be at a minimum weight of 80-85 pounds.  No lower.  Higher is fine.   So, I took out my handy-dandy tape measure and went out to record their weights for this month.   I use a tape measure because I already have one, and I don’t have to order a goat tape doing it this way.

While I was measuring one, I felt a tug on the part of the tape that was dangling.   I ignored the first tug.  At the second, I looked at it and saw this:


Goats ate the tape 7312013


This was only about 10 seconds.  It was in one piece when I went out there. Apparently one of them doesn’t want me to know how much she weighs.    I got it anyhow.



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