Blatant Ad for Friends

I am always impressed by my writing friends.  They go through so much just to get one thing published, yet they don’t give up even if they experience rejection after rejection.  I’ve always wanted to write a book.  I’ve even sent tidbits of it to a good friend (not a writer) who has urged me through the years to write it.  I’m just too chicken to do it.  Plus the the time factor.  I barely get 6 hours of sleep as it is. Not to mention I’d be an editor’s nightmare. Oy.

One of my Christian friends is a writer.  Actually, several of them are and all have been published except for Shannon.  Until now.   One of her novellas was chosen to be in a Christian, historical, romance Christmas book.

A Pioneer Christmas Video Ad

Interested?  You can preorder it here.  🙂

I am so proud of her for not giving up!

Go, Shannon!

*throws on a cheer-leading outfit and waves pom-poms*

Don’t look and you won’t need therapy.

Another friend’s sci-fi book.

My friend who blogs about Texas cooking, writes for magazines on a variety of topics, and blogs about other stuff,  put out this book about entertaining and her baking cookbook (I do have to tweak some of her recipes, so I don’t react.)

Another one (more of an acquaintance)  has many books published but a few really spoke to me.  Many of her books are based on several types of abuse she suffered as a child (like being raped).  She handles it very well in her writing.

To get the exact titles will involve waking a 3-year-old up from his nap, since he is in my room with my books.   I’ll wait on that one, but look her up.  🙂   Her next book I am very interested in.  Her video ad for it touched on things that I’ve had to deal with.

/end blatant ad for friends and goes off to check for eggs, wash dishes, hay goats, check the garden…



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