How to Make Me Drown My Desk

I’m cleaning out spam, and basically just killing time on my blog dashboard in order to avoid laundry.  I look down and read the top searches that brought people to my blog.  I see this:

“Top Searches

diamond infinite edge, testicles stuck in a fence, ebook another change, tooth remineralizing powder”

When I read the second set of search terms my eyes about bugged out.  Coffee formerly in my mouth was now on my desk.

HOW?!   Animal?! Human?!  Dear Lord, why?!

You know what?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.

However, just a hint for future reference: wire cutters for thin fencing and bolt cutters for thicker fencing.   And hurry.  And be careful or the “stallion” will be “gelded” no matter what species you were searching for.



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