I’m a bit annoyed.  Okay, actually I’m a lot annoyed.

I was called “paranoid prepper” in a very sarcastic tone by a supposed friend.  Hm, actually that kind of sounds like a fun name for a prepping blog, but I digress.  Normally, I blow off stupidity, because it was a pretty stupid and illogical comment, but I tried to explain and didn’t get a chance.  Why was I called “paranoid”?  

Because I keep two weeks of emergency supplies on hand at all times.   Seriously.  I didn’t even get to explain why.   She just steamrolled over any explanation I tried to give. Maybe she’ll read it here and get a clue.

First, I have no idea how this is being paranoid.  I live in a state that is subject to Nor’easters and ice storms on a regular basis.  The rest of the country is freaking out for us, and we’re all like, “Eh.  Whatever.”   This is normal for our area.  Around here keeping supplies for emergencies is called “common sense”.

The ground is too hard, rocky and full of ledge to bury cables.  We have a lot of trees which the city cuts back every summer.  Even so, we still have trees fall on lines.  The weight of ice has pulled on lines so hard they have snapped.   It’s not a question of “if”.  Around here it’s a question of “when”.

Bottom line: you would be stupid or have a death wish to not have something set aside “just in case”.


2011 – Power lines outside my house during a mild ice storm. None of what you see in the picture is snow. It is all ice.

In fact, I’m missing two vital items: a generator and a wood stove which are “staples” in our area.  I’m considered a bit foolish for at least not having a wood or pellet stove, and I agree with that, but it’s a large expense for us. It is on my list to save up for right after having the chimney re-lined.   I think it’s kind of silly to have a wood stove, but die of carbon monoxide poisoning.  I’m weird like that.

I learned the hard way, with six kids, how cold and miserable it can be without power for 3+ days in winter.   The older ones understand we could’ve been in serious trouble, but we made it a game for the younger ones. We would’ve frozen to death or had to beg our neighbors to let us in had it continued much longer.   I get cold easily.  As in I wear socks all summer, because my feet are cold unless it hits over 95.   I even wear socks to bed for DH’s protection.   His shriek is enough to wake the dead.

Let’s not forget the two major ice storms that hit New England in 1998 and in 2008.  We didn’t live here in 1998, but we heard stories of the areas around us that were without power for over two weeks.  We were without power for over 3 days in 2008.   However, we personally know a couple of people who didn’t get power back for, again, over two weeks.

I now keep a K-1 heater, enough K-1 for two weeks minimum, 2 indoor emergency propane heaters with enough propane canisters, blankets, everyone has a sweat suit and wool socks, sleeping bags and a tent (yes, you read that right).  Yes, I have an explosive gas combination detector that will detect anything funky with our air.  And yes, I also stock for the critters. I’ll go over my full list another time.

Second, FEMA recommends everyone stock two weeks of supplies.   Too many people think, “The government will take care of me.”    Did they pay attention to what happened during Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy and every other natural disaster that has happened in the past few years?   It wasn’t pretty, and there are a few who still haven’t been able to rebuild or return to their homes from the former two.    If you haven’t, you should look up personal accounts of the first two storms.  Some are pretty awful.

Let’s not forget losing a job or any other financial crisis you can have.  How many people thought they would lose their jobs?  I’ve read story after story of people living off items they had stocked.  It enabled them to put grocery money towards keeping their house.  Some found jobs in time; some didn’t and lost everything.  But having food was one thing that they didn’t have to stress over.

If I’m paranoid, then so be it.  At least I’ll be warmish, fed and re-hydrated in the process.




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