Donating Turkeys and Finances

I still take the “children” who live at home to the store to pick a child off the Angel Tree – if they haven’t already done it themselves.  They pick out presents for the children.  If they have jobs, they pay for it.  If not, I pay for it and they do work around the house to pay me back.  I encourage helping others, but being watchful for those who take advantage.

A few weeks ago, I was walking along the goat fencing, checking for openings, and thinking about raising a set amount of turkeys for needy families with food sensitivities like ours for the 2014 holidays.   As I walked back to the house, my 18-year-old joined me and said, “Ma, what do you think about raising a couple of turkeys for poor families who have food problems like our family does?”   That he mentioned what I was thinking is interesting to me.  It was almost like confirming we should do it.  Since he had come up with this idea on his own, I want to encourage it.

We discussed it.  Due to limited space, we couldn’t do more than 4 or 5 in addition to our own.   It would not be cheap.   I was looking at local food pantries to see who would be the most receptive and helpful.  I thought about foster families and the local women’s shelter.

Bourbon Red poult’s are locally bought for $8.00 (last year’s price) plus processing fees.  The Chocolates we are talking about breeding are $10.50 each.   Putting them together won’t be a problem, because they will be processed before the hens begin laying.   No danger of cross-breeding. Pasturing would take care of most of their food needs.   They can share the goat pasture.  We already have the turkey hut and a shed.

Then DH and DS3 had medical issues.  I had tennis elbow that hasn’t healed.  Two cars need new tires.  DS2 was driving one home from work.  He pulled into our driveway and lost control as he left the road during the turn.  Thankfully, he was going slow and the tree had a big snowbank in front of it.   Behind the tree is a small hill.  If he’d gone down it, we would’ve had to call a tow truck or bought tow cables for our truck.  It took us several tries, snow shovels and a snow blower to get it unstuck.

After said efforts.  We removed most of the snow:

Snow Bank Tree That Tim Hit

We live on a curvy hill that likes to freeze in winter.  The pines keep it shaded, so ice builds up over winter. That hill is fine until the cold hits, then it’s a nightmare.   We try to stay off of it during a snow storm, but people do have to work.  It’s the reason we have to keep a four-wheel drive vehicle.

DD3 was driving home from work, the same night as DS2, and almost went off the road on the curve.  I checked the tires the following day and both front tires on both cars are shot.  The Boxer has cancerous tumors that need to be removed.   The list goes on, and it’s all things that really can’t be put off.

We received notifications from our Sunday paper, the YMCA, the cable company, etc. that all the rates are going up January 1st.  The paper has been cancelled.  Netflix and Cable are being cancelled which DH is pouting over.   The kids are going to pay me for the Y membership, because they take Tae Kwon Do there and the lessons are cheaper if we do it that way.   They pay for their lessons.

This morning I discover the government decided to break their contract with veterans and decrease retiree benefits that we were promised, yet illegal aliens get to keep their government assistance.  If I go there, I’m so mad I probably won’t stop, so moving on.

Then DH’s overtime that he was positive he was getting was cut.  6 months worth of overtime.  Or so he says.  He wanted the truck, so it’s possible he lied so I’d agree to it.  Wouldn’t be the first time he’s pulled something like that.   Especially since I’d told him a few weeks prior that one of our final credit accounts will be paid off in about that time period.

Our finances are shrinking as bills are growing.  I’m still looking for more work, but no one is hiring right now.  I’ve been a seasonal cashier at Wal-Mart, so I’m pretty sure I can get another job there once an opening happens.   I’ve been a waitress for years, and I always made decent money.  No restaurants are hiring and, even if they were, my arm would prevent me from doing it.  The private school I taught at isn’t hiring.   I still have all my preschool supplies, but no space to open a preschool.    Working from home would be great if I could find something I could do.

Basically, things will be very tight around here for a while.

We really want to do the turkeys for needy families.   One friend has offered to “buy” a turkey plus a bit extra for turkey expenses for a needy family, so we can do that one.   We’re praying we can find a way to do it along with everything else we need to do.


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