Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Bad Day

Oh, wait I’m not Alexander.

Is today Friday the 13th?

It’s not the 13th? It’s not Friday? Really?

What about a full moon?

Let me ‘splain.

I woke up an hour late due to a “child” delaying me in what I needed to do before bed. I could hear the chickens pitching a fit, because they weren’t let out yet.  I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom… door.  Not too bad. It was partly closed, and I didn’t notice.  More of a shock than pain.

Realized I grabbed jeans full of holes in all the wrong places, that I’m going to make into oven mitts, so I threw my pajamas back on long enough to go grab a different pair.  I had no desire to pay for therapy of a wayward half-asleep child seeing me in all my glory.

After cleaning my teeth, I opened the medicine cabinet to put things away when I heard a pop.   I left it alone until I finished dressing so I could see what the noise was.   The hinge goes inside a pocket in the mirror.  I noticed part of the plastic broke.  I was a bit scared of closing it, but I wiggled it to see if it would close.  Mirror go boom:

The hinge decided to pop out of the other side.

The hinge decided to pop out of the other side.

I had to get to the door while avoiding the small amount of broken mirror on the floor. With three dogs following me, their legs crossed and eyeballs turning yellow, I grabbed a broom to sweep the glass off to the side.   I had to leave the mirror as-is to take care of the living critters.   After letting the dogs out, I swept the glass up and got the water containers ready for the outdoor animals.

As I did that, I stopped in the middle of the kitchen and stared at the dishes still in the dish drainer.  Putting them away is DS2’s job.  He has blown it off for the past two days.  He is 20, so there is no freaking reason to blow it off.  He knows better.  Yes, dishes are piling up.  I told him he had to put them away before he went to bed, so I could do dishes in the morning.  This is an ongoing problem, so I am now ticked off.

When I went to bed last night I specifically told the three adult children to make sure dinner was put away, because it was probably going to be our lunch.  We usually leave it out for those who work past dinner time, and they were eating when I went to bed.  I was running around trying to get things done, so I just made hot dogs with veggies. These hot dogs are expensive.  This was the third time they’d done this, and I was even more ticked off.   We can’t afford to throw away food.   I decided I am no longer leaving it out.

When I went to let the chickens and goats out, and the fuzz balls back in, I saw that all three dogs had pooped right in front of the kennel door.  This is highly unusual.  It’s not nice neat piles either.  Two of them like to “walk” as they go, so they leave a trail. They normally go off to the side and it is cleaned every day.  They have never done this.   Putting the water down on the yesterday melting/today frozen snow and ice, I had to clean it up to leave.

The snow had melted over the past few days, as I mention, and now the path was frozen.  Frozen and I don’t go well together, so I was cautiously walking on the icy patches and made my way to the chickens.

I opened the outside coop door and a Rock tried to fly through the screen door.  She’s never done that before. Apparently the chickens had a huge party in the coop last night.   I don’t know what the heck they were doing.  Bedding was everywhere (I do mean everywhere), their water was tipped and empty (it is on a hook hanging from the ceiling) so the area under it was flooded, an egg was laid in that mess (unusual for our chickens), and they were all “yelling” at me.  Add cleaning the coop to my list of stuff today. Off to the goats.

The snow had melted and froze, so the goat gate was frozen to the ground.  After a few minutes of wiggling and lifting, I got it free.  The goats were going ballistic the whole time.   Finally, I open the goat barn door and am almost run down by the goats as they shot out of the barn yelling, “Freeedoooom!”  Okay, so maybe they were just thinking that last part.

While giving them more hay I realized I could see light from a corner of a stall.  They had knocked the wall panel loose while jumping to try to get hay from the top of the feeder (instead of just eating from the side).   Add fixing the wall of the barn, if I can get to it due to a heck of a lot of snow on that side, to my list of stuff.

Back inside with the eggs collected and something about my desk area doesn’t look right.  From the angle I was at, I couldn’t tell what it was.  Walking closer I could see a dog had gotten the large trash bag and it was now all over the basement floor of my area.  This dog had to climb boxes to get to it.  And did it in the short time I was outside.

It was obvious who the guilty party was when I walked up to the dogs.  The only female hunched down and ran into the other room.    This has been a recent problem with her.  We had moved it up out of their reach (apparently not) to keep her out of it.   Brought her down, did the whole “bad dog” thing and locked her into a room separate from the “pack”.   By now I am royally ticked off and my voice has gone up a few decibels.

I cleaned it up, fed the dogs except for the trouble-maker.  I let her stew for a few before I let her out and fed her. Grabbing the camera, I took two pictures of the mirror.  I was going to take one of the inside hinge, then check and see if there was some type of warranty on it, because we only bought it a year ago (I think).

“Replace camera battery.”

Okay, no problem.  The spare battery is charging in the living room, so I swap them out.

“Replace camera battery.”

Oops, I must have put the dead one back in accidentally.  Looking, I could see the charger light was orange which meant it was charging the battery.   Switching them showed a green light which means the battery is charged.  I put the dead one back in and put the charged one in the camera again.

“Replace camera battery.”

*bangs head into wall repeatedly*

All of this was within one and a half to two-hour time span which is quite a bit to take within a short time period. I was supposed to run errands and work on Kreacher today, but now I’m afraid to leave the house.   Not to mention I have to yell at children to do their jobs (again), clean out the coop that I just cleaned a few days ago, fix the goat barn wall, remove a broken mirror, throw out food,  get dishes caught up, and who knows what else will happen.

On the plus side, Saturday DS2 had his first martial arts competition.  He was the only white belt in his division (Yes, they started lessons late), so he had to fight a brown belt (Umm…).   He faked a double-kick move to the guy’s legs, his opponent brought his arms down to block and my son literally did a  playful “bop” on the guy’s head with his hand which earned him the win.   DH and DS3 went to watch and said the guy, the ref and people who saw were laughing.   I wished we’d thought to charge the camcorder.  I’m sorry I missed it.

Oh, btw, while typing this my jeans just ripped about two inches along the leg seam.  It’s a bit drafty so I’m gonna go change – again.


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