Round 2 and 3

4:30 am.

I wake to hear DH telling the Husky and Mal Mix to stay back.  Immediately I know another seizure is happening.  It was mild compared to yesterday.   Again, it takes an hour for him to return to normal.   At one point he walked into the bathroom and started licking the toilet paper.

2:50 pm.

He’s hit again, but this time it is terrible to watch.  Urine is spraying across the room, his legs are locked into one position opposed to the “running” he did before. His head is twitching side-to-side.  The Husky is going ballistic.  It took two people to restrain him.  All he wanted to do was get to his friend.  Dogs know. He was frantic.   DS3 and DH handle it while I grab my cell and call the emergency hospital.

“Get him here as soon as you can.”

We were there for several hours.  They wanted to do the MRI in the morning.

How much? 


We don’t have it.

They gave us our options.  DH had gone with me.  After much discussion, we decided he would stay overnight, they would monitor him and begin seizure medication to see if it would help.  We will pick him up tomorrow and take it day-by-day.   He is a 10-year-old cancerous tumor ridden Boxer.   If the medications don’t work, then we’ll know it’s a tumor and time to say good-bye.




2 thoughts on “Round 2 and 3

  1. I am so sorry for you. My first dog suffered from seizures and they were terrifying. We ended up coming against a similar vet bill and a similar conclusion. It ended up being time to let her go. I hope whatever end comes to you and yours it is one that brings peace back in your hearts.


  2. Thank you. This is the first time I’m seriously struggling with the decision, especially in light of the newer findings. I’m hoping to talk to our personal vet today to get a better idea of things and what his chances are.


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