If Your Dog Collapses from his heart going at 300 bpm…

… the best place is at the Vet hospital standing right next to the canine cardiologist.

We had gone in for an ultrasound on Boxer’s heart to see if there are any defects or tumors, and found nothing wrong other than his heart was beating extremely fast at 300 beats per minute.   The cardiologist was explaining that the rapid heart rate was “very concerning” and “most likely the cause of his other physical symptoms”.   He went on to explain that the heart rate could lead to instant death.  No sooner had the words “…could lead to instant death.” left his mouth when Sir Barksalot fell over on to his side.  Doctor and the assistant grabbed my poor pup and rushed him to the back.

They stabilized him, but his heart rate is still high at 180.  He’s staying in the hospital for a bit, so the cardiologist can watch his heart rate and try heart medicine to see if it works.  I was warned he could still die.  We are taking it hour by hour.   If the medicine works, then he’ll be home tonight.  If it doesn’t, he’ll spend the night while they try to figure it out.

Financially we are done.   The “kids” have donated to the cause.  I have put off car repairs.  This visit will put us at the breaking point.   Anything after this will literally be a choice between paying the mortgage or keeping Boxer alive.  Unfortunately, my dog will lose and all of this will have been a waste of time, effort and money.  The heartbreak will be a given.

If he survives today, he could be perfectly fine for several years with the addition of heart meds.  Though, there are no guarantees in life.



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