Boxer Update

Life is slowly returning to normal – we think.

The official diagnosis is Boxer Cardiomyopathy.  It is most likely the cause of everything that has been happening.   It’s the first time one of our Boxers has had it, though it is common among the breed.  It’s genetic and basically makes them a ticking time bomb.

Two heart medications later (one alone didn’t work), two days of projectile vomiting (the dog not me), another medication to counter the nausea and Sir Barksalot is back to barking at … everything.   This morning he ate a normal breakfast without tossing it back at me.   At one point he began quivering, so Keppra was restarted.  The top of my refrigerator:


Doggy Drugstore 382014

All but the two on the left are dog medications from the past few months.

I’m starting to feed like a doggy drug dealer.



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