Pay Attention When Giving Meds

I only got 3-4 hours of sleep last night.   I just couldn’t get my brain to stop thinking and shut down.   It’s a problem I’ve had since I fell.  This morning I gave the Boxer his medicine, fed all the dogs, let them out and went to take care of livestock.   A couple of hours went by.

We’re expecting a huge snowstorm, so my mental list was to jump in the shower after giving Sir Barksalot his next round of meds, laundry, checking the bank account for a payment along with a few other things.  The storm warning came with a warning about possible wide-spread power outages, and I knew I wouldn’t get a shower tonight.  Two kids have to work, so I need to be able to take out the truck and tow ropes if they get stuck coming up the hill. If we lost power, I’d be out of luck as far as the shower went.

After doing my mental list, I jumped in the shower real quick.  I was nice and soapy when Bonnie and Clyde decided rough housing would be a good idea.  I heard the Husky bark a couple of times which is odd.  He doesn’t normally bark.  I heard people, who I thought were still sleeping, run past the bathroom door.  Something wasn’t right.

Seconds later, my daughter is banging on the bathroom door asking if I gave Boxer his anti-seizure meds.  I said yes, then a mental picture of me putting his pills into his food popped into my head.  In my pre-coffee, 3 hour sleep, zombie state I gave him the anti-nausea pill instead of his Keppra.  And I forgot to give him his second heart medication before I jumped into the shower.  It was 20 minutes late.  The “playing” I heard was a seizure.  I called out that he needed both meds ASAP.

Thankfully he is okay.   I feel terrible.   All that time and effort to save him and I about kill him due to not paying attention.


One thought on “Pay Attention When Giving Meds

  1. Maybe one of those divided pill boxes would help. They make ones for people who need pills several times a day. If you lay them all out for the week when your head is clear, then all you have to do when your head is not clear is give the pills out in order since which ones you need will be ready to go.


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