Every Once in a While

Every once in a while I will read or watch something that just gets to me.  This video showed up today.


I taught at a private Christian school where about 50% of the students were foster or adopted children.  I saw them melt down, act out, and sit by themselves in a corner feeling completely lost and alone.  Their stories broke my heart.  Children should not be beaten black and blue.  They should not have to perform sexual favors for a parent in exchange for food.   They should not have to live with the dogs fighting them for the dog food.

I’ve always wanted to adopt children, but things just never worked out.   We were approved to adopt after 9 months of fingerprinting, home checks, training, etc. and about to have two deaf siblings placed with us ( I was an interpreter), but we were transferred (Navy) before they arrived from another state.

The situation demanded they be placed immediately (bad foster home), and we had to do another home study in our new state.  They can take a long time.  Interestingly enough, they were placed with a family identical to ours.  My second daughter was so affected by what she learned, she decided to become a social worker in the adoption/foster care system shortly after that.

We don’t have any extra space in this house.  If I could get a house with more bedrooms, I’d foster and/or adopt in a heartbeat.

I believe most foster and adoptive parents are special people. Some of the children are so damaged that they may never be fully whole, but these parents try.

Every child deserves a loving home and knowing they are worth something.


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