The House Doesn’t Want to Be Fixed

We have been working on the upstairs bathroom when we can.  It’s been several years, but we’re almost done.  The previous owners had an illegal bath there and it was horrible to use in summer with no ventilation.  Last week, DH and I were finally able to put the tub spout and shower head on.  He turned on the shower and it worked great.  No leak and a nice spray.  Unfortunately, the spout was leaking when it was flipped to shower mode.   DH couldn’t get it tight enough.  

He took it off and we both went over the installation instructions.  We remeasured the pipe to make sure it was the right length, even though we checked it multiple times before. We did everything it said.  He told me to take the allen wrench and attach it while he gently pushed the spout pipe in closer to the wall to see if it would get a tighter fit.  We tried several times, but it kept leaking.

Finally, he said it looks like we got a defective spout.  We’ll have to buy a new one, but he put it back on so those who want a bath can use the tub.  It wasn’t leaking in “tub mode”. We looked around.  Molding, trim, shower curtain and rod, new door and finishing up the closet is all we have to do.  We’re so close to being done.  Little-by-little, and two contractors, we had taken a small airless half bath, that you could barely stand up in, and turned it into a nice, airy full bath.

The other night, DS3, who is about 6’1″, wanted to take a bath upstairs.  He doesn’t really fit in the one downstairs.  The hazards of being tall.  I said, “Go for it.”  Afterwards, he entered the kitchen and commented on how nice it was to be able to stretch his legs out.  I said, “It’ll be nice when it’s finally done.”

Going into the downstairs bath, I happened to look up.  My first thought was Oh, my gosh.  Second thought? That is under the upstairs tub which means we have to rip this ceiling out. 

A huge water spot was forming in the ceiling.  It started above the tub and meandered its way to the bathroom door.  Despite all the leak testing we did, with no visible leaks, somehow the drain pipe broke.   At first I thought we did it, but the drain and the pipes DH moved – he didn’t move them much – aren’t connected.  We have an access panel in the upstairs linen closet and on the side of the tub (Jacuzzi tub), but the drain pipes are under the floor.

Third thought: this house just doesn’t want to be fixed. Seriously.

Everything we fix breaks again within a short time.  We replaced all the kitchen cabinets with stock cabinets.  We couldn’t wait for the ones we wanted.  They were too expensive at the time and a special order.   The old ones were literally falling apart.  You’d grab a door and it would come off in your hand.

Within a year, the filter system in the sink base cabinet sprang a slow leak that was hidden behind the filters and small water tank.  It wasn’t until it built up, and began dripping through the basement ceiling, that we realized it.  By then, the bottom of the base cabinet was ruined.   These cabinets are no longer being sold, so we can’t just replace it.  We’ll have to rebuild the inside ourselves.

We put a new custom-ordered exterior door (weird size opening) in the basement walk-out to replace the one that was there.  Within two years, it was falling apart, bent and basically ruined.  It was a steel door; I have no idea how the corner bent up. The bottom fell off and now things, like small snakes, just walk right on in and say hi.

The hot water tank that came with the house blew out – literally.  Hot water everywhere. We had it replaced and the new one keeps acting up.

The basement is unfinished and the lighting is inadequate to see what you’re doing, so wiring was run and a couple of recessed lights were installed, because the basement ceiling is a bit low.   The following winter, ice dammed up around the roof and, for some weird reason, began leaking down the middle of the house into the basement.  Usually ice dams leak on the outside edges of the house.   It leaked where?  If you guessed right over the new lights, you’d be correct.  Blew them out and they haven’t worked since.

We replaced the roof and raised it above the bathroom, so we could turn it into a full bath.  The edging is popping off and critters are tearing up the wood edges to get into the crawl space.

And on and on and on…

DH jokingly (maybe?) suggested bulldozing it and putting  a modular in its place or building new on the current foundation.   I considered it, but it’s a bit expensive.  🙂



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